Home Pest Control Tips to keep your kitchen Secure from Bugs as well as Insects?

Tips to keep your kitchen Secure from Bugs as well as Insects?


It is essential to keep your home tidy and bug-free since your kitchen is the most vital area of your home. It is a perfect place to attract insects and pests within your home due to the delicious food you cook there.

It is possible to keep your kitchen tidy by keeping insects out. However, it is essential not to use harmful chemicals that can contaminate food items. As with energy-efficient home improvements eliminating toxic chemicals from your home and the surrounding environment is necessary.

We often have the packaging boxes of our retail items in our kitchen cabinets. It could also encourage the population of bugs and insects.

Here are some simple solutions to keep insects away from your kitchen.

Use Basil Leaves

Basil fresh and fragrant plants can be a fabulous solution to the problem of flies. They repel flies, make your kitchen smell fresh, and can be utilized in cooking to enhance the flavor of your food! Fresh basil is suitable for all.

Use Bay Leaves

Drying bay leaves help helps keep wood pests and silverfish out of kitchen cupboards. Keep some bay leaves on the edges of cabinets. You can also use fabric scraps to create bags to store the leaves. To enhance the scent, you can add cinnamon sticks to the sachets.

Use Coffee

Ants aren’t coffee-lovers like the majority of people. To stop them from entering the kitchen, sprinkle coffee grounds over windows and entrance points.

Vinegar and essential oils such as citronella and peppermint can be employed to deter insects—clean countertops and walls using these products to create additional protection.

Use Lemon Oil

While some pests might be an excellent way to reduce the number of problems of pests around your house, however, having too many of them isn’t a good option. Mixing citrus or lemon essential oils and soapy water could create an all-natural spray. Mix around five drops of each oil into one inch of water. Concentrate the oil on holes in the walls of your kitchen to repel spiders.

You can utilize any remaining lemon and orange peels to keep moths out of your home.

Use Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus oil is a great option to deter pests and clean your sinuses. You can apply it to the kitchen in undiluted form to clean your countertops or mix it into the water to make spray bottles.

The oils of eucalyptus will evaporate as the water cools. This keeps flies and bugs from your kitchen and makes it smell wonderful. You’ll feel a lot more refreshed, particularly in the flu season.

Enjoy a Clean Kitchen

Cleanliness is one of the first things bugs dislike. This is good since we must strive to keep our kitchens spotless. Maintain your kitchen’s dryness as it is the best way to guard it against insects. Also, you can clean up debris and trash in your home.

The sun’s rays are another way to stop pests from growing by allowing in as much sun as possible. Keep your shelves clean, and take out the trash every day. It is advisable to consult an expert pest control professional should you have issues with pests.

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