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How to Create a Dream Poker Basement


Most homeowners who buy a property with a basement will have a grand plan for it. Basements can be easily converted to an entertainment space, an underground living space, or a home office. If you are thinking of turning it into an entertainment space, then consider turning it into a games room. Not only will it be a nice place to spend time with friends, but it will also add a few thousand dollars to your home’s overall value. A games room is an opportunity to truly embrace a hobby, and if you are a poker player you can create your own personal poker room under your home. Here is how to create your dream poker basement.

Poker Table

Poker can be played over any flat surface, but a dream poker room will feature a proper poker table. There are many different types of poker tables available, which range from classic casino tables with hand rests to sleek minimalist designs. The table will depend on the aesthetic of the room and the size, but it best to get one that can easily sit 4- 6 people. A table with drinks holders would also be a good addition.


A game of poker can last for hours, and often it is as much a game of endurance as it is of skill. Even if you can afford the best poker table, investing in comfortable chairs is a good idea. Ideally you will want ergonomic chairs that offer lumbar support with a good backrest. This is because the most common body pains associated with poker are back and neck pain. You want yourself and your fellow players to be comfortable as you play all night.


Lighting is very important, and can have a big effect on the quality of a poker game. A basement will likely not have any natural light so you need to get the balance just right. Too dark and the players can’t see their cards, too bright and the playing experience becomes uncomfortable. It is recommended to place an overhead light just above the poker table, with the ability to dim the lights if necessary. This will not only make the playing experience more pleasant, but also allow you to recreate the dusty backroom poker atmosphere if you so wish.


There are many accessories that will elevate a room above simply being a place where people sit and play. For example, if you want to also use the basement as a place where people can come and socialize then you can consider adding a small bar. The size of your bar will depend on the size of your basement. This is why Leslie Martin, a founder of M & M Interior Design, outlines how a home bar “is often tucked away in an inconspicuous spot”. Keeping the bar tucked in a corner will ensure that there is enough room for both players and the poker table. For those who want to take their poker a little more seriously, you can make the basement a place where people not only come to play, but also learn about the game. A small library of the best poker books would be a nice addition. Private poker lessons and online lessons are increasingly popular and you will be able to reference and review they key concepts that you learn. It will also give those who crash out early something to read while they wait for the remaining players to finish.

If you are a poker player with a basement that needs using, we hope the above tips prove useful.

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