Home Real Estate 8 Maintenance Checklists Before Putting Your Home for Sale

8 Maintenance Checklists Before Putting Your Home for Sale

8 Maintenance Checklists Before Putting Your Home for Sale

Putting your home on the market requires a lot of work to get it ready. Most importantly, you don’t neglect the minor maintenance issues that can quickly detour a potential buyer. The small things you’ve learned to live with each day may be quickly identified by someone looking for a new home. Here are eight maintenance items you need to take care of before the sign goes in the yard.

1. Clean The Gutters

You want your home to have fantastic curb appeal, as this is what the potential buyer sees first. If your home is unkempt on the outside, it will send a red flag to anyone looking for a new abode. So take a little time and clean those gutters, as leaves poking out from them can show poor maintenance.

2. Change Light Fixtures And Check Bulbs

Do you have old and outdated light fixtures? First, you want to ensure that all the lightbulbs in your home are in working order, as you don’t want your home to appear drab and dark. Second, update any of those fixtures that have seen better days. Buyers look at the littlest things, and they will notice outdated stuff.

3. Clean The Carpets

Dirty carpets not only have an odd smell but can be a distraction from your potential buyers. They walk through your home with a mental calculator that adds up all the costs to make the house their own.

Most people don’t like carpeting these days, but if it’s clean and looks good, they will use it for a few years until it needs to be replaced. Ensure you clean the carpeting and eliminate pet smells or stale smoke odors, which often harbored in the fibers.

4. Make Sure Drains Run Clear and There Are No Leaks

A slow drain is a big issue when it comes to potential buyers. Now, most people aren’t going to come in and test the drains, but you never know what kind of people will walk through your door.

Additionally, they will notice those leaky faucets, as they add money to that mental calculator. It’s simple to fix most drips, so taking care of them makes your home appear in well-kept condition.

5. Have HVAC System Serviced

Your HVAC system is one of the main components in the comfort of your home. Buyers want to ensure this system is functional and in good health. Having a preventative maintenance session is necessary. They will change the filter, top off the refrigerant, and ensure that the unit passes an inspection, which a buyer will want to see.

Some folks know their home has significant issues. They don’t want to mess with the costs of servicing equipment, so they turn to San Antonio home buyers to buy their homes for cash. When you sell outright, you alleviate the need to fix all these little things.

6. Trim Bushes and Keep Yard Impeccable

Though it’s often said that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, the curb appeal is what entices people to come inside. If your lawn is overgrown, there are dead bushes, and it’s lackluster, they might pass on by. Make an effort to ensure the outside looks good, if not better than the inside.

7. Caulk Around Windows, Doors, Tub, and Sinks

Broken caulking is such a simple thing to fix, but it’s a huge red flag to a buyer. If the caulking around your tub is worn and missing sections, they will assume water is seeping behind the walls. Additionally, if it’s not concealing cracks in windows and doors, it will allow air to get in or out, affecting the utility bills.

8. Deep Cleaning Appliances

It’s standard for the stove and refrigerator to come with the home. Sometimes, the buyer will also ask for the washer and dryer. You can guarantee that these folks will look at that stove to ensure it’s clean and in good shape. Spend a little extra time giving your stove and refrigerator a deep cleaning. Make sure there’s no old food, spills, or leftovers, leaving behind a pungent aroma.

Closing Thoughts

While it may seem like a daunting task to handle all these maintenance issues, it can help you sell your home. Anything you do to help get more money and sell quickly is a win for your family.

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