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How to Keep Your Cherry Wood Kitchen Cabinets Clean?

Cherry Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Cherry wood kitchen cabinets take a beating every day with spills and drips that build up over time. They are exposed to grease and grime when you are preparing your meal. Dust and your sticky fingers can also lead to grime and grease. With time, the build-up will make your cabinets appear dull. Hence, it is better to clean your kitchen cabinets frequently.

We use our cherry wood kitchen cabinet regularly and it can start taking a toll. The last thing you want for the cabinets is for them to lose their glow and new-like appearance. Your cherry cabinets are a hefty investment.

If you want to clean your cherry wood cabinets, you will have to follow a few tips given below.

1.Maintain Consistent Cleaning

It is better than you wipe all kitchen cabinets and knobs once every two days. In case you clean the kitchen only sometimes, it will be more work for you than you can imagine. Simply because surface stains can solidify and harden over time. When you clean regularly, you can prevent a build-up of stubborn stains, which can lead to the discoloration of cherry wood cabinets.

2.Avoid Using Harsh Cleaners

A harsh chemical cleaner is filled with abrasive ingredients that strip away at the kitchen cabinets. When you scrub hard enough and attend to stains when they happen, you are not going to use any harsh cleaner to clean them.

Any cleaning products that have ammonia will damage the wood finish and will prematurely age the cherry shaker kitchen cabinets. In case you have to use harsh cleaners to clean off cabinet knobs or door handles, spray on the rag and apply it over knobs carefully so that the harsh chemicals don’t come in contact with the cherry wood surface.

3.Avoid Moisture

You need to keep your cabinets away from the cabinets as much as you can, for instance, hanging a wet cloth from the cherry wood cabinet is absolutely a no-no. It is known that water and wood don’t mix a bit at times, we take the durability of the kitchen cabinets for granted. Regardless of how many coats of primer or paint a kitchen cabinet has, cherry wood will still wear away and is going to rot when it is continually exposed to water.

4.Choose Natural Cleaners

As harsh and tough cleaners are discouraged from cleaning kitchen cabinets, especially the ones that are made of wood, try going for a natural cleaner that gives the same sparkle to the kitchen. Just combine vinegar, water, and a tad of olive oil to get the perfect cabinet-cleaning solution. Vinegar helps in fighting bacteria and combats grime builtup, while olive oil can leave behind a glossy shine. Finishing off the ritual by applying a wood finish for an added coat of protection. This is how to make cherry cabinets look modern.

5.Avoid Slamming Cabinets

Like a ‘no door slamming’ policy, keep a ‘don’t slam cabinets’ policy for your cabinets. Often, we do not even notice when someone slams the cabinets closed as they do not make a loud sound but over time the cabinet can break down. It might also lead to chips and dings on the inner lip of the cabinet. If you add hardware, such as door handles, you can deter people from closing and opening cabinets with great force.

When you install your kitchen cabinets for the first time, they look clean and new. A new kitchen might easily become your convenient and beautiful friend. Your daily usage of the cabinets can take a toll. If you don’t want the cabinets to lose their new appearance, you need to take some measures and maintain them.