Home Decoration 7 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Home’s Lighting

7 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Home’s Lighting

7 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Home’s Lighting

If your rooms lack sunlight, you have no choice but to switch on the light from light bulbs to make up for the lack of light during the day. There is a chance that your electricity bill may come out higher than most whose home uses natural sunlight. The lack of sunlight also gives the rooms a gloomy feel, whereas with sun you are allowed to be more productive and keep you active.

A dark room is scientifically known to harm your mood; therefore, it is imperative to include brightness in your daily routine. Eliminate the darkness by incorporating different ways to improve lighting in your home. This article will provide you with everything you need to know to maximize the lighting in your home, whether it’s for a better environment, to improve mood or for the ability to take better pictures.

Let’s dive in.


1. Natural Light

One of the apparent suggestions is to rely mainly on natural light since no bulb can match the intensity and warmth of sunlight. Maximizing sunlight will eliminate the need to use artificial light during the day while having the full effect and advantage of an illuminated room. It’ll also make the room look beautiful.


2. Right Colors

You must pick a color palette that can trap light into your home. Light colors better illuminate the light around your home, while darker shades act as a barrier between the natural light and your home. Avoid pure white paints for the main reason that it also makes your home feel colder. The best picks for better lighting while maintaining warmness are eggshell colors and off-shade white. There is pastel, bright yellow and beige for more colorful and more lively colors.


3. Energy Efficient Light Bulbs

The smartest move to solve the issue of having high electric bills is to uninstall outdated bulbs and transition to energy-efficient ones with the help of an electrical contactor. They are smart bulbs that will only turn on when the presence of a person is active in that room while also simultaneously saving a lot of costs by being highly energy efficient and cost-efficient. Turning on your lights during the day won’t feel like a financial burden to you any longer.


4. Glass And Mirrors

The accurate positioning of your mirrors gives them an excellent chance to amplify a decent amount of lighting throughout your room. For this, the best decision is to opt for full-length mirrors. You can also use your mirrors to send light to darkened rooms if you strategically place them in the hallway next to it.

Another viable option is installing skylights that are useful in illuminating your room and providing a breathtaking view.


5. Windows

Ensure that your house has a fair amount of glass windows which can also help with air circulation and provide sunlight. To attain perfect sunlight through your window, try going for floor-length ones that can fully enhance the lighting. Bi-folding doors are another great pick since they come with being dual purpose. Either skip drapes and curtains or choose white cotton ones that can ideally prevent glare while also not absorbing any or too much light.


6. Choose A Light Fixture

The lighting fixture is your focal point. Place them in spots that will draw attention to them. For example, chandeliers should be used for big dining rooms and lamps for areas with smaller spaces. Another very impactful method is layering. This is done effectively by creating multiple light fixtures around the room that are placed in different areas. At least three light sources are required to achieve this. Further on, they can be switched on and off for brightness adjustment or highlighting areas that you wish to have more brightness focused towards.


7. Trim Greenery

This may seem almost insignificant, but taking care of the greenery outside your window can make a lot of difference. Your trees may block a portion of your sunlight, which is necessary for careful maintenance. Give attention to your greenery outside to help prevent them from overshadowing your light.


The bottom Line

While artificial light does add to your room’s brightness, it is best to focus mainly on enhancing natural light. To achieve this, you must first pick a suitable color theme for your space to avoid trapping the cold. Glass windows and mirrors are other practical methods to add to the overall brightness, maximizing the quality and intensity of light that illuminates your rooms. While trimming some greenery may not seem important, it can have a considerable impact. At the end of the day, you can always experiment and try different methods to enhance the lighting as much as possible or as much as you need. We hope this article helped enlighten you with ways to increase lighting in your home. Thank you for reading!

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