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Tips For Staying Safe From Insect Bites Outside Our Houses


After the long-drawn lockdown because of the disastrous pandemic, people are more than eager to return to their everyday lives. Every individual wants to experience the outside once again. However, prevention is always better than cure. Even though the pandemic would end someday, insects and, most importantly, mosquitoes cannot be eradicated from the earth.

 But the vexation caused by bugs can be reduced by the services and advice given by solutions like Mosquito Joe. Since going outside occasionally cannot be avoided, taking precautions and having proper knowledge about insect bites becomes vital.

Why Should One Avert Being Near Insects

Mosquitoes may appear to be more of an annoyance than a danger, but the tiny bloodsuckers are the most hazardous animal on the planet. Zika virus, West Nile virus, dengue, chikungunya, and malaria are all spread by mosquitoes. In addition, infectious diseases spread by mosquitoes claim 1 million lives each year. House flies also pose threats wherever they find rest, regurgitate, and defecate, mechanically transmitting disease organisms.

Ways To Protect Oneself From Insects

1.   Pest Control

Conducting pest control in one’s house, including their garden or lawn and locality, is one of the best options. Many companies offer such services and help to remove pest infestations more or less altogether. Consulting one of them is always a safe and satisfactory idea.

2.   Using Insect Repellents

Applying the appropriate insect repellent may ultimately be necessary to prevent insect bites. Bug repellant can be a lifesaver, especially if someone plans to be outdoors in thickets or at particular times of the day. However, always stick to the label’s instructions, as some repellents offer stricter safety requirements than others.

3.   Choose Proper Clothing

A layer of clothing is the best deterrent against biters and stingers. Wear a long-sleeved dress outside, socks, closed-toed shoes, and long pants. Pull long hair up and back if the person has it. Insects view hair as a rung on a ladder leading to a feast of bare skin.

4.   Clean Any Puddles Of Water

The mosquito’s habitat is in water. Therefore, ensure no objects in one’s yard could collect water, such as wheelbarrows, tyres, buckets, planters, and the like, to prevent infestation. Once mosquito infestation starts in puddles or stagnant water, they increase. Therefore, it becomes complicated to eliminate the eggs.

5.   Avoid Using Perfume

If someone wears cologne or perfume, reducing their use can help keep the pests at bay. Why? The potent aroma of perfume draws a lot of insects. In addition, many personal items like magnets that we don’t generally consider “smelling” can attract insects. Choosing fragrance-free sunscreen, lotion, hair care, and detergent will help keep insects at bay.

6.   Keep The Surroundings Clean

Doing as much as possible on their own, along with consulting solutions like Mosquito Joe, should become a priority. Pest control can be a cure, but having a clean environment helps prevent the growth of bugs and insects. First, leaves and wood piles should be removed or moved away from home. Eliminate overgrown bushes. Ticks and spiders like to hang out in these places.


Even though most insect bites are innocuous, some can spread harmful diseases. It’s crucial to take precautions to lower the risk, especially if traveling to regions where recognized insect-borne diseases are prevalent. Consult a board-certified dermatologist or doctor immediately if the individual develops severe symptoms following an insect bite, such as a rash, fever, or body aches. Make sure to let the doctor know about the recent bite so they may check for an illness that has been transmitted. No one can expect to be at a place with absolutely no insects. So an individual must do the needful for their protection.