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Pros and Cons of Acrylic Baths


Acrylic baths are in trend nowadays in the UK and around the world. BaThe bathtubs have been an essential part of every bathroom in the past. These have been available in various types of materials in the past. Perhaps, in the modern age, we have even more options in terms of bathtub materials available. But why have you ever thought, why bathtub material even matters? And should you even bother about it? The material is the single most important factor that affects that bathtub costs as well as durability and comfort. The baths are currently available in various materials, that range from acrylic, to fibreglass, cast iron etc. But among all such options, +acrylic bath is gaining popularity. Should you prefer it or not, it depends on various factors. But it is important to know the pros and cons of this acrylic bathtub, so you can get an informed decision.

What are Acrylic Bathtubs

As is clear from the name, the acrylic baths are made from transparent plastic material. When making a bathtub from it, it is vacuum formed with fibreglass reinforcement that improves its sturdiness. There are many good reasons to use such material for the baths, that we will discuss in the next section.

 Pros of Acrylic Baths.

There are the following advantages that justify the reasons to install the acrylic bathtub.

  • Economical.  The first reason, why this material was incorporated for the bathtub is that it is economical. As a result, the baths that are made from it are more cost-effective and cheaper than most of the materials, that were used in the past, like porcelain, ceramic, store resin etc. However, one thing that you must note here is that these are not cheaper among all or in comparison to fibreglass.
  • Retain Heat. Another good reason for preferring acrylic is that it is an excellent choice for retaining the heat. That means the water inside the bath will remain warm for long time in comparison to other materials. It is the quality that makes it a good material for such purpose. As a result, your bath experience becomes more enjoyable.
  • Easier to Maintain and Repair. Although acrylic bathtubs are not immune to breakage and damage, they are relatively easier to clean and maintain. If using the right method, you can quickly clean them. On top of that, these don’t get dirty easily, but occasional cleaning is suggested. In case, you get any scratches or damages, it is easier to remove them and repair them.
  • Durable and Light Weight. As discussed earlier, acrylic is a type of material that is reinforced with fibreglass. It makes it highly durable. That means, it will last for many years to come without the need for replacement. In addition to that, another good quality is its less weight. Despite,the durability of the material, it is not heavy. That makes your bathtub very easy to move and fit where you want it to be.

Cons of Acrylic Baths.

With all these pros, there are many cons as well. A few of these are as follows

  • Easy Surface Scratches and Marks.  Althoughacrylic bathsareeasier to repair and maintain, they can get scratches and marks easily. Especially, if you clean and maintain them in the wrong wayThisse makes the bathtubs look bad over time.
  • Not a fancy or high end.  Although acrylic tubs look pretty good, these are not the fanciest or high-end options you have. That means if you are looking for a luxurious choice, then it may not be the right option for you. Other materials look for luxurious than it.
  • Require Care. Although, all types of bathtubs will need care and some sort of maintenance over time, acrylic tubs, will need a bit more attention. You can not use powerful cleaner or chemicals to clean it as it may damage its surface.

Final thoughts About Acrylic Baths

Like any other bathtub material, acrylic baths have their advantages and disadvantages. Their popularity is due to lower costs, high durability, and less weight. However, these may get stains and scratches over time that will require some sort of maintenance. You can check high quality single and double-ended bathtubs at the Royal Bathrooms online store on the UK`s website.

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