Home Cleaning How to Clean Carpets and Rugs with Bonnet and Rotary Machine

How to Clean Carpets and Rugs with Bonnet and Rotary Machine

How to Clean Carpets and Rugs with Bonnet and Rotary Machine

Discover the best cleaning of Carpets and Rugs with Bonnet and rotary machine

The cleaning system for carpets and rugs using a rotary machine and bonnet discs is a system that is normally part of a provisional maintenance program for carpets and rugs that is generally used in maintenance cleaning in commercial cleaning to keep them in optimal conditions. between deep cleanings. It is considered a low-moisture, fast-drying cleaning system. 

This process only cleans the fibers of your rugs and rugs in the visible part, the upper part of the textile fibers in no case reaching the base of the rugs or rugs and much less in long-pile textiles. Obviously you do not get the results of a deep cleaning done with the injection and extraction system, it is a simple maintenance cleaning process for carpets and textiles.

The steps to take into account when cleaning carpets and rugs with a bonnet and rotary

As in all cleaning processes, with the bonnet and rotary machine system there are steps that must be taken into account to obtain effective results that one should not skip and assume that by reducing steps we will gain time or quality of the final finish.

The first of these is a deep vacuuming of the rug or carpet to remove the largest dirt on the textile and, of course, it is best to use a powerful, good-quality vacuum cleaner with two motors. We must take into account that these larger dirt, if not properly vacuumed, are then likely to be moved from one part of the carpet to another with the same bonnet. The more solid dirt we remove with the vacuum, the less dirt will remain on the bonnet later.

After a good vacuuming, the next step is to have the appropriate chemical products for the level of cleanliness we want to obtain, highly effective and proven quality cleaners that carry out their task quickly, efficiently and without damaging the textile, which It’s very important. It does not matter if we carry out the cleaning with the bonnet using the spray of the product as we use it by immersion, putting the bonnet disk in a bucket of water with the appropriate amount of product, the product must always be at the dilution recommended by the manufacturer since which has been formulated and tested for this. 

The chemistry must carry out its process, it is essential, if the chemistry does not correctly emulsify the existing dirt on the textile and opens them not enough so that it can be absorbed by the bonnet disk, all the other efforts that you put into cleaning will produce small and unsatisfactory results.

Ideally, the chemical acts for the appropriate time to better emulsify the dirt on the textile, but we cannot apply the chemical product on large surfaces and let it dry on the carpet or rug that we want to clean, a chemical product that dries quickly on the textile runs the risk of damaging the fiber, discoloring, causing alkalinity problems on your carpet and subsequently reduces the amount of dirt that is absorbed by the bonnet disk, it is very logical, without humidity the dirt cannot be transferred.

Next is the quality and capacity of your bonnet. Poorly designed and low quality materials encourage knotting which can lead to very poor soil removal. If the two points mentioned above have worked correctly but you use a poor quality bonnet disk, you will suffer to obtain the desired results. 

Cotton produces good soil removal, absorbs well and provides friction that helps remove the film left on the carpet from the first step, but microfiber is much more absorbent, absorbs up to 7 times its weight, leaves no residue no lint, requires less cleaning product and does not deteriorate as easily as cotton, the choice is up to you, I use microfiber. 

What is essential is to have sufficient bonnet capacity when carrying out the work, to have clean and dirty with a sufficient quantity, it has already been sprayed before passing the bonnet or it has to be submerged in the chemical product to carry out. All this process is effectively used by upholstery cleaning Dubai companies. 

Characteristics of the bonnet and the rotary machine for cleaning carpets and rugs

Let us now see the characteristics of the bonnet and rotary machine cleaning method:

This method can only be carried out on textile floors, rugs and carpets and better with short hair. It offers a relatively fast drying time, depending on the amount of product that we have used, rather, water, the type of fiber, the relative humidity of the air and ventilation. The cleaning method with a bonnet and a rotary machine does not perform a total deep cleaning, so we should always complete a textile maintenance program after a certain time and depending on the dirt on the textile floor, for a more complete cleaning treatment such as injection and extraction.

Machinery, utensils and product to be used: low-speed rotary machine, textile disc-bonnet, suitable cleaning products, spray pump, vacuum cleaner and double bucket.

We can vary the working system, first use the spray of the product and rinse with a bonnet or immerse the bonnet in the cleaning solution inside a bucket.

To use the spray method, we will act as follows:

Step 1: Deeply vacuum the carpet or rug to be cleaned.

Step 2: Carry out a stain treatment, if any, with the appropriate anti-stain product.

Step 3 – Mix the carpet cleaner in a pump sprayer at the recommended dilution and apply to high traffic areas to work up. Pre-spray the disc bonnet lightly.

Step 4: divide the textile covering that we are going to clean into not very large areas and spray the product on the area to be cleaned, without letting it dry.

Step 5: in areas of light dirt, we can immediately apply the rotary machine together with the bonnet disk and in areas of heavy dirt, let the product act for a few minutes.

Step 6: apply the rotary machine with the bonnet disk from side to side in circular movements, turning and changing the bonnet as they get dirty. Always avoid cleaning with a very collapsed bonnet disc of dirt, it will offer poor results.

Step 7: let dry.

Immersion method:

Step 1: Deeply vacuum the carpet or rug to be cleaned.

Step 2: Carry out a stain treatment, if any, with the appropriate anti-stain product.

Step 3 – Mix the carpet cleaner in a pump sprayer at the recommended dilution and apply to high traffic areas to work up.

Step 4 – Fill one bucket with properly diluted Fabric Cleaner and fill a second bucket with clean, clear water for rinsing. Submerge the bonnet disk in the bucket of cleaning solution and drain well.

Step 5: pass the rotary machine with the bonnet disk side by side in circular movements over the carpet or rug to be cleaned.

Step 6: Turn the bonnet disk face up when it gets dirty.

Step 7: As soon as both sides of the bonnet disc are dirty, rinse it in the bucket of clear, clean water to remove as much dirt as possible and drain. Re-immerse it in the cleaning solution. Drain it and continue cleaning the entire textile surface.

Step 7: Let dry.

Obviously, the carpet and rug cleaning system with a bonnet has, like all cleaning systems, its pros and cons, some of which are:


  • It is a fairly fast system to clean carpets and rugs.
  • It is not expensive to use, neither machinery nor personnel time.
  • It gives good and economical results on carpets and rugs that are not dirty.
  • It is a system that leaves very little moisture on carpets and rugs.
  • It does not require a high qualification on the part of the operator who executes the task.


  • It only cleans the top third of the carpet or rug fibers, unable to reach deeper into the base of the fibers.
  • Many carpet and rug manufacturers claim that this method causes wear on the fibers.
  • It offers a limited cleaning capacity since there is practically no extraction.
  • The bonnet must be changed frequently to avoid spreading dirt around the carpet or rug that we are cleaning.
  • It can leave dirt and residues of chemical products accumulated in the bottom of the rugs or carpets that later cause problems in the textiles such as alkalinity or yellowing of the fibers.

Finally, once more or less explained what the textile cleaning system with bonnet and rotary machine is, we indicate some tips for the maintenance of your rugs and carpets:

Always use mats at the entrances of your house or establishment to protect the interior carpet or carpet. In this way, you will prevent the 80% of dirt that can end up on them through the shoes from staying on the entrance mat.