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How to Get the Most Out of the Pillow Boxes?

Pillow Boxes

If you are tired and bored of the same old packaging methods, then pillow boxes are a great way to bring innovation to your packaging. Different companies, selling smaller items, are using this packaging because it is innovative, unique, and different. It is not like the same old square or rectangular boxes that you see all around. A different packaging can sometimes be just the wave of fresh air that you need to bring your business to light. Even if not using it for business, you can use this packaging for other reasons.

Materials Used for Pillow Boxes

The two main materials that are used for making pillow boxes are Kraft and cardboard. Whether you are buying cardboard pillow boxes or Kraft pillow boxes, they will both have enough strength to hold your product. Also, your item will be well-packaged and will not get damaged during the delivery process.

Customization Pillow Boxes

Just like any other box, there is a lot that you can do to customize pillow boxes. Whether you are using them as gift boxes or for storing your products, there are various customization options that are common.


First of all, printing is a common customization option. This is because it is the easiest option for customization. It is easy to print on these boxes as they are basically made of hardened paper. Once you have decided on this, the next thing to decide is what to print. There are different options in this too. You can get a saying or quote printed on the box or if you are ordering the boxes for your company, you can print the company’s tagline on the box. Whatever is printed on the box should be eye-catching enough for the person who gets it to read it.


The most common way of decorating or customization pillow boxes is to use the bow design. Now, you can make the box with a ribbon or string. Since the design of a pillow box has indents on both sides, making a box is very easy and it stays in place too.

What to Use Pillow Boxes For?

There are plenty of uses for pillow boxes. You can use them for anything that is small in size and is not very heavy. These boxes are not only for business but also suited for personal use.

Gift Boxes

Pillow box gift card holders are quite common now. For example, if you want to package the wedding favors in pillow boxes, you can decorate the box with a bow. Then, you can have the receiver’s name on every box so that your guests know which box is for them. This is just a fun way to personalize your wedding day.

Other than that, gift boxes are also great for gifting smaller gifts such as watches, wallets, and accessories. If you are going to gift your husband cuff links or surprise your wife with a beautiful necklace on your anniversary, it is best to package them in gift pillow boxes.


This use is for businesses that deal in smaller products. If you have an online jewelry business, you can package your products in corrugated pillow boxes. This is a very smart way of packaging and it is also different from the common packaging that you see in the market every day. Even multi-national brands like Mango package their products in pillow boxes. You will find Mango wallets in pillow boxes.

To keep the box really simple, just put your item inside and get the company’s name printed on the outside of the box. Alternatively, you can also get the logo printed on the front.

Bath Bombs

If you have a bath bomb company or you just want to gift bath bombs to your friends, you can put them in pillow boxes. These boxes are small in size and they are shaped in a way that they can fit up to two or three bath bombs. So, the bath bombs will be well protected.

Ordering Pillow Boxes Online

Before you order large pillow boxes wholesale online for your business, make sure that you have seen the design that the company is going to deliver. Also, makes sure that you have told them about the material, customization, and printing that you need. Then, get a quote and finalize the order. If you look around and try to get multiple quotes, you will find a great deal on pillow boxes for personal or business use.