Home Interior Design A Detailed Guide About How To Clean Air Conditioner Filter?

A Detailed Guide About How To Clean Air Conditioner Filter?

A Detailed Guide About How To Clean Air Conditioner Filter?

Air Conditioner Filter

Cleaning your air conditioner filter is an important component of your regular servicing. The way you handle this phase will have a big impact on whether or not your HVAC systems work effectively. In this article, we’ll go through every element of filter cleaning. This contains the actions you’ll need to do as much as how often you’ll need to execute them.


First and foremost, please note that not every air conditioner panel can be cleaned. If your filter has a wooden structure or other textual sign of non-serviceability, you’ll have to alter it completely. Air filters may be replaced at most hardware stores. Make sure you purchase the correct size filter, then compare it to your older one.

What are the benefits of cleaning your air conditioner filter?

Air conditioners are complex machines that distribute air throughout your home. Filters capture dirt and pollutants that would otherwise flow through your clean air. The air conditioner has to work considerably harder to blast hot air whenever a filter is obstructed. This wastes more energy and reduces the air conditioner’s lifespan. Of course, the quality of air in your house suffers as a result.

How often should air conditioner filters be cleaned?

Cleaning your air filter isn’t something that you should do simply once or twice per year when you have an expert inspect your air conditioner.

At least once a month, you should keep hold of your filter (whether by replacing it or simply cleaning it). If you live in a polluted location or have a dusty hobby like carpentry, you may need to do this far more regularly. Allow your eyes to be the final arbiter. Try raising your cleaning and change frequency to every 2 weeks if you detect a layer of dust on your filter during your monthly checks.

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How to clean air conditioner filters?

Now let us start by cleaning the filter on your condenser unit. After that, we’ll look at window and ducting air conditioners. Please remember that these directions only apply if your air conditioner’s filter is a removable one. If your filter is replaceable, you’ll have to do so instead of cleaning it.

Step 1: AC filter location

The filter for air conditioning systems is usually located near the cold air return. This component is found in the basement throughout most of the United States. Air conditioners in Phoenix, on the other hand, are usually kept in the garage or another form of storage area, as most homes do not have basements. You might have filters behind your return vents that are dispersed throughout your home.

Step 2: Power Off

It’s a better to turn off your ac unit before performing any sort of maintenance. This will safeguard both it and you.

Step 3: Vacuum filter

Typically, the filter will be caked with a large amount of dust. The bulk of it may be eliminated with a suction adapter with brushes. All of your centralized air conditioning filters, even those concealed while behind returns, should be cleaned in this manner. They are both equally important. Make very sure your filter is vacuumed on both sides.

Step 4: Mix water and vinegar in equal parts and soak the filter

Before you get there anything, read the documentation for your filter (or the instructions printed right on it, if appropriate). Certain air conditioner filters aren’t meant to get wet, and you certainly don’t want to ruin them. If your filter is liquid, immerse it for an hour in a solution of equal amounts water and vinegar. Allow the filter to dry fully before replacing it.

Use a pump instead of a basin if you don’t even have one large enough to contain your air conditioner filter. Make absolutely sure the pressure is adjusted to a modest level, since anything too high may easily shred the filter.

Step 5: Rejoin the filter

Again when the filter has been fully washed, reattach it (no dust or debris remains). The most of filters include an arrow pointing in the direction they should be used. The route of airflow should be indicated by this arrow. You’ve finished your assignment. When you’re in the mood to wash, though, have a peek at this post for some pointers.


It’s not difficult to clean your ac unit filter. However, because you won’t see the impacts of a filthy filter right away, it’s simple to adopt a “out of sight, out of mind” strategy here. However, it’s critical that you clean the filter on a regular basis. Filters that are dirty cause your system to function incorrectly and put your health at risk.

Cleaning ac filter is not a tough job. You can do it at home but if you have no techniques than you should go the professional and they will clean your ac filter. However most of the people do it at home. Precautions and steps to clean ac filter are available in form of copy.

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