Home Landscaping What Is Hillside Landscaping? Best Hillside Landscaping Ideas On A Budget

What Is Hillside Landscaping? Best Hillside Landscaping Ideas On A Budget

What Is Hillside Landscaping? Best Hillside Landscaping Ideas On A Budget

Hillside landscaping

Hillside landscaping can be difficult because the land is usually sloped and hard to work with. Gravel often rolls down hill, there’s no clean place to walk, and plants will look silly if not done right. But there are many different solutions that make things easier.

Preparation to design landscape

The first step for any type of landscape design is preparation, preparation, and more preparation. Planning ahead makes designing a lot easier and may be even save money by avoiding mistakes later on.

A good site plan drawing should be done before anything else so an idea could be visualized beforehand along with any issues that might need to be addressed such as erosion control or correction grading (making sure the side of the land slopes downward instead of up). Preparation includes getting the right supplies too. For example, removing large rocks or boulders to have an easy path will save many trips up and down the hill later on.

Retaining wall

Building a retaining wall is another necessity for hillsides in order to prevent erosion. There are two major kinds of retaining walls that can be built: dry-stacked or poured concrete. A dry-stacked wall usually has rocks piled up in between bags of mortar mix which are tightened very well with stakes to keep it stable when wet.

The rock used depends on the overall slope but should also avoid any steep slopes where rocks could roll out from underneath if not done correctly. Poured cement walls are more complicated because they need reinforcement steel bars added to make them stronger, making sure that the wall is straight.

Use of wood planks                    

Wood planks need to be considered while building a retaining wall because they should be used as stairs and handrails only, while rocks and concrete without steel reinforcement may be used for steps instead. Wooden or other planks can make it easier for people to walk up and down the slope and will also prevent erosion (rocks may shift downhill over time).

The laid-up sequence of different plank thicknesses must be taken into account when lay wood. For example, larger pieces should not be used on steep slopes because then smaller ones underneath might get damaged by water or other debris that rolls down but then rolling back up again.

Addition of greenery

A good way to add some greenery to a hillside is with ferns. Most ferns can tolerate shade and prefer to be moist as well as humid, so they will do just fine on a hillside slope. And since ferns can blend in with the colors of rocks from a distance, it could look very natural even if a person is not an expert landscaper or horticulturist.

Use of fence
A fence has many uses. It can be used to mark boundaries, separate different areas of the yard or create a wind break for your garden. Using a raised garden bed in combination with a fence is a clever way to make use of the land available in your sloped backyard without having too much height difference between two spots in the same level.

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Picking best flowers

It’s best to pick a plant that is suitable for your yard and environment because you would want it to thrive. The location where you’ll place the plant should receive bright light and plenty of water to survive, but not too much else because scorching sunrays and overwatering could kill it instead. If there was ever an easy choice for this idea, ivy geraniums are ideal for this purpose. They grow rather slow, so you won’t have to worry about the plant outgrowing the space too quickly.

Placing greenhouse

Putting a greenhouse against your sloped backyard is another great idea because it’s relatively low maintenance and easy to care for – plus, if anything goes wrong with your plants then you can simply go inside to tend them better. Similar to the raised bed idea, having glass that extends all around the greenhouse allows even more sunlight into your yard which can benefit other plants as well. As for ivy geraniums, they are definitely suitable for this kind of environment since they thrive in humidity.

Decorating the backyard

Using different materials for your sloped backyard ideas and tips will create a very interesting outcome. While some concrete may seem like a practical choice since it is low maintenance and can withstand both sun and harsh weather conditions, using wood instead is another great idea because they have similar benefits but also offers a more natural look to them compared to their counterpart.

Use of stone or marble

If you already have stone or marble stepping stones that lead to your home or garden then plant some bushes around them. The greenery will look wonderful contrasting with the dark stone path leading up to your front door. It’s also much easier than trying to clean off dirt every month from the bottom of all those small rocks before it washes into the cracks between them and allows for rusting metal nails.


One of the most popular methods for Hillside Landscaping Ideas on a budget would be Mowing. This is very simple and doesn’t require much thought or work to be done. Just make sure you’re using a decent mower that will cut evenly. There are even razors for your lawn these days that will leave it looking like velvet. Of course, there’s no need for this if all you want is green grass but it’s interesting to note the options available.

Use of old bricks

Another idea would be to take those old bricks from your fireplace and place them along the edge of your garden bed to create a nice border between the plants and hard soil below. If you’d prefer, cement or mortar can be used instead to stick the bricks together rather than just stacking them on top of each other like an old-fashioned fence would be made out of. Though there is nothing wrong with that either since they are one of the most popular landscape ideas for maintaining privacy.

Recycle the old items

The last one on our list today would be recycling old items around your home into garden decorations. For example, take an old set of antlers from a dead deer; drill a hole in each side at the bottom and then thread some rope through them. Tie a big knot on both sides and then use it as a clothesline for hanging your flower pots from. Not only does this save you money, but it also makes the area around your home look so much better too.

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