Home Kitchen Havells Mixer Grinder Buying Guide: Choose the Best One to Buy

Havells Mixer Grinder Buying Guide: Choose the Best One to Buy

Havells Mixer Grinder
Havells Mixer Grinder

Indian food is internationally known for its taste and aroma. The flavours are plenty, and the aromas too. The best mixer grinder you can buy today comes from brands like Havells, with a reputation that spells durability and smooth functioning. To make your cooking a seamless experience, a mixer grinder can not only make your life easy, but cooking becomes a rapid process. Therefore, the prospect of cooking does not seem tedious anymore. This electronic appliance lets you grind and blend with ease. 

The components come apart easily for washing and cleaning too. Anyone who has one will readily attest that a mixer grinder, usually with a juicer attachment, can make your life a cakewalk with its advantages and new technology. In a Havells mixer grinder, you get versatile functionality and a user-friendly machine.

Before you see the best machines from Havells, it’s good to know the benefits you get in a mixer grinder. Explore a variety of new mixer grinder and get amazing discounts and offers on your purchase, check it out.

Advantages of the Best Mixer Grinder

You get great perks with a mixer grinder housed in your kitchen. This is a functional domestic appliance that caters to daily cooking needs. Some individuals consider it a must-have appliance since food preparation is a long-drawn exercise without it. With the busy lives, folks lead today, convenience is the key to planning, and a mixer grinder serves you well. These are how a Havells Mixer Grinder benefits you.

  • Multi-purpose Appliances – Whether you go in for a basic model or an advanced model of a Havells mixer grinder with a juicer, you get a machine that gives you several functions in one device. Grinding, chopping, mixing, blending, pureeing etc., can be all undertaken with the press of a button. 
  • Power Saving – The latest mixer grinders and food processors from Havells make your mixes in no time and save power too. They are energy efficient as they are equipped with powerful motors that do any job effectively and quickly, so you don’t have to run your machine for a long duration. 
  • Quality Material – Havells’ mixer grinders are made with high-standard materials like stainless steel (blades) and durable food-grade material. Once you buy a Havells machine, you may not need any other for a while. 
  • Sales Support – If your machine faces any issue, you get superb after-sales customer support without delays. There are warranties on appliances, and parts are available easily. 
  • Affordability – Any model of a Havells mixer grinder won’t cost you an arm and a leg. You get cost-effective machines that don’t pinch your pocket, and the best machines are under 11,000 INR. 

The Best Mixer Grinder You Can Buy

Shopping for a Havells mixer grinder isn’t that big of a challenge as you get great models to suit your requirements. With price tags that range from just over 5,000 INR to just under 11,000 INR, you are sure to get the appliance you want in your budget. Here are some great models to check out.

  • Hexo 3 Jar 1000W – This is one of the brand’s most powerful and high-end machines, with a 100% copper coil and a 1000W motor. With a 100-minute run time, you get ultra-speedy grinding at 22,000 revolutions per minute. Consequently, this enables faster operation. Additionally, the motor comes with a dynamic ball bearing, which improves overall motor life. If you want a top-of-the-line mixer grinder with a large-sized jar and juicer attachment, this is the one for you.
  • Stilus 3 Jar 500W – The best mixer grinder in the moderately large category of machines, this model is just suitable for average use. The stand-out features of this appliance include a break-resistant transparent blending jar with a spout that slides and helps while you serve juice. This is when you use the juicing operation. An efficient filter blends to a smooth consistency, and you will never have lumps. You get a sieve of stainless steel that cuts fruit proficiently for cutting fruits. You get a warranty of 2 years and a service facility at home within 24 hours. 
  • Rigo 3 Jar 500W – A basic mixer grinder, you get typical functions at an affordable price tag. The powerful motor is a great feature and makes this machine robust. A unique foldable juicer spout maintains hygiene as it folds back and forms a guard against spills. This machine comes with a 3-speed switch, and if you are on a budget, you get this effective machine without hurting your purse. 

Efficiency in the Kitchen

You needn’t look anywhere else if you want efficiency in your kitchen. With any Havells mixer grinder, you get proficient motors with speeds that do your work quickly. Typical warranties of 5 years on the motor come with most appliances, and you get a 2-year product warranty. 

When you shop at the Bajaj Mall, you get a wide range of Havells mixer grinder to choose from, making sure you get the best machine at attractive discounts. Want more affordability? Then it’s a good idea to use the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card to purchase a mixer grinder, as you can buy your preferred model on No Cost EMI.

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