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Factors That Decide Polished Concrete Floor Cost

Factors That Decide Polished Concrete Floor Cost

Did you decide on choosing polished concrete floors for your new office establishment or home?

The environment and aesthetics of your space reflect your taste, personality, and sense of style. The setup’s flooring is by far the most welcoming and appealing element. It is used by every individual in the home or staff in the office. Hence, their proper maintenance is essential.

The polished concrete floor offers a variety of texture, color, design, and style options to fit any property. Usually, it is best for residential and commercial facilities, thanks to style flexibility and easy upkeep.

While many polished concrete flooring is easy to set up and maintain, the costs for the same can differ from one manufacturer to another. Sometimes the quality of concrete does not match the costs. On the other hand, cheap solutions do not always guarantee quality. Hence, the cost associated is the most common subject that makes the decision more confusing.

But do you know how much polished concrete floor costs per square meter for installation? The calculation of Concrete Network says the basic installation ranges between $2 and $6. However, the top-notch styles and designs may vary from $15 and $30.

In this write-up, we will discuss the factors that help decide the right budget and cost of polished concrete floors.

Cost Calculation Factors for Polished Concrete Floor

Workforce and Time Involved

An essential factor that helps decide the cost of polished concrete is the time and labor required. The process from beginning to end requires the assistance of professionals. It could be anything like simply pouring the material into the area where flooring is to be installed or professionals inspecting the overall project.

Additionally, the years of experience and skills possessed by the professionals in flooring installation can provide the timing estimate to deliver you your dream floors. Thus, also helping in determining a rough calculation of the fees.

Floor Size and Area

If the existing and new flooring conditions look similar, getting a huge area polished would cost more. However, this may not be the truth in the case of every service provider. Many flooring contractors may quote high pricing for small spaces. On the other hand, some may charge less for polishing the flooring for a bigger space. The reasons behind any of these facts could be the use of manual labor or the type of equipment they use does not fit the space for polishing purposes.

Overall, the time required to provide consistent finishing to all the flooring areas influences the pricing of both the small and large-sized projects.

Concrete Floor Grinding Cost

Grinding of floors is the time-consuming phase of the entire concrete flooring polishing process. It requires the assistance of professionals so the surface does not lose its smoothness and luster. If there are more surfaces with more cracks, it will necessitate increased grinding. Thus, the cost of time and labor will decrease. On the other hand, if the floors are quite smooth and less chipped, there will be less grinding needed. Thus, reducing the polished concrete floor cost.

Finishing Type Required

Another factor is concrete floor finishes that come into consideration when assessing the flooring polishing needs. You can easily find multiple suppliers providing multiple floor concrete finishes that suit the varying requirements. You can choose the one as per your needs and your set budget. Remember some finishings may be time-consuming and complex. Thus, influencing the pricing as a whole.

You can get the best recommendations from the professionals of interior design as to what finishing would go best with the space aesthetics. Thus, saving the looks and the need for remodeling in the long run.

Concrete Properties and Condition

The first thing the specialists will do when you hire them to install a polished concrete floor is to determine the type and state of the concrete. Making the concrete surface ready for polishing will involve the utilization of resources and effort. The duty will be to clean the flooring and then patch any gaps or holes that may exist. Furthermore, after the repair is finished, resurfacing will be required.

Usually, the polished concrete floor cost per square meter varies from one contractor to another. However, when the damage is huge with the need to replace the entire flooring, the pricing of each square meter can surpass your budget.


There are numerous styles that you may choose from to assist you in personalizing and polishing your flooring. However, choosing a complicated polished concrete floor design would be very expensive for your wallet. As a result, you must be aware of the design you want and obtain quotations from various contractors to compare them and make a budget-friendly decision.

Floor Grading

It is also a key component taken into consideration when determining the polishing concrete flooring pricing. The goal of floor grading is to determine how high the floor is from the ground. For instance, if your need is to get the on-grade floors polished like floor slabs, it will be associated with fewer costs. On the other hand, the above-grade floor polishing will cost more. Hence, many concrete floor polishing contractors or installation experts require raising the subflooring or decks. Thus, increasing the material or labor charges.

Multiple Obstacles

Be it home property or office space, the flooring with similar sizing may have some difference. These can affect the installation cost of polished concrete floors. The hurdles may include several doors, shelves, cabinets, stairs, etc. All of these can make the installation process challenging and raise project complexities. Thus, increasing the need and cost of labor.


Regardless of whether your needs are for polishing concrete floors for office space or home, the mix must be cost-efficient and durable. The concrete services must also be of good quality. Only then you can expect smooth, lustrous, and safe flooring. Additionally, there is no space for dust or other allergies on the polished floors. These are, therefore, simple to maintain and clean.

So, what are you waiting for?

Find a concrete floor polishing company to elevate the look and feel of your property.

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