Home Landscaping Top 5 Reasons to Choose Composite Cladding for Exterior Walls

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Composite Cladding for Exterior Walls

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Composite Cladding for Exterior Walls

A house is an expensive investment, and you will want this investment to be in optimal condition. This includes having the facade be as beautiful as possible as this is what people will first notice about your property. However, the outside elements like rain, dirt and snow can cause a lot of damage to your home’s exterior walls. This is where exterior cladding can help, and you can consider it a protective skin for your home. There are several exterior cladding materials, like plastic and brick cladding. Because of so many options, deciding which one you should go with can be challenging. We are here to help you out with this decision. We recommend using composite cladding for your exterior walls for various reasons discussed in this article.

1. Low Maintenance

The main reason to choose composite cladding is that it is a material that requires barely any maintenance. That means you do not need to oil, paint or varnish it like with other cladding materials. The whole point of choosing cladding is to protect the exterior so that you don’t have to go through the hassle of maintaining and repairing it. This is where composite cladding shines. It can easily last you more than 25 years without needing any particular work besides wiping it down from time to time. This is due to the unique composition of the cladding material.

2. Insulation

Composite cladding also offers much functionality, such as its excellent insulation properties. It can help provide excellent heat, sound and cold insulation. In essence, the cladding acts like protection that envelopes your whole house. This ensures that the temperature within your home is regulated, allowing you to save costs on electricity or gas. Typically, you would have to use extra electricity and gas to cool or heat your room. In addition, the noise insulation will ensure that the inside of the house is peaceful.

3. Various design options

Composite cladding materials are available in a range of designs, colors and textures that can fulfill the aesthetic you are going for with your home. For example, a classic range is available in various colors, like gray, chocolate, and charcoal. It consists of composite tiles with a sanded finish for an optimal timber look. In this way, not only are you getting protection for your home, but you are also raising your home’s aesthetic appeal. This could help improve your property’s value if you want to sell it.

4. Eco-Friendly

Composite cladding is made of a recycled plastic and wood fiber blend. These materials otherwise would have typically ended up in a landfill. As a result, it has a significantly lower carbon footprint than other materials like cement cladding. In addition, you do not need to use paint or oil on the cladding, which are typically not environmentally friendly. We must use eco-friendly resources to do our part to lower the carbon footprint and help nature heal from the extensive greenhouse gasses we have discharged into the atmosphere.

5. Resistant

Composite cladding is a material that is incredibly resistant to a range of conditions. It is resistant to fading, ensuring its aesthetic look will last a long time. It is also resistant to insects that would generally burrow through the wooden cladding and cause safety issues. This is courtesy of the plastic that is mixed inside. Composite cladding has a Class B fire rating, meaning it can prevent fires from occurring and spreading. It is also resistant to splintering, meaning it will not harm you. All this ensures that the material provides safety.

A house can be an expensive investment, and it is in your best interest to keep it as safe and appealing as possible. After all, many outside elements can harm it and affect the facade’s design. This is where cladding around the external walls can be an excellent option. You can use many materials, but composite cladding is one of the best. The material requires low maintenance and can last a long time. It also provides insulation, ensuring temperature is regulated within your home. They are available in various design options, so they can fit into whatever design choice you prefer. They are made of recycled wood and plastic, meaning the material has a low carbon footprint. It is also resistant to various conditions, including fading, insects, splintering and fire.

We hope this article proves insightful and encourages you to choose this superior cladding for your walls. Thank you for reading!

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