Home Decoration 7 Reasons Everyone is Considering Tiny House Living

7 Reasons Everyone is Considering Tiny House Living

7 Reasons Everyone is Considering Tiny House Living

Even if you only have a small group of friends, you probably know someone who has an interest in tiny house living. Although they may not have made this move yet, they’re probably thinking about it and discussing their ideas with you. This is an option that many people find appealing for a variety of reasons. Before you buy your next home, consider the advantages that living in a tiny house provides.

1. Lower Build Costs

A tiny house is typically under 800 square feet of living space. Keeping the construction small can help you avoid the restrictions and costs of having to obtain building permits. When you’re ready to get started, there are plenty of resources to help you build a tiny house online. These resources can help you find additional ways to save on materials and appliances. Overall, you’ll need fewer building supplies and it will take less time to complete the construction of your tiny home.

2. Lower Monthly Expenses

As you build your tiny home, you’ll make decisions regarding the installation of windows and doors. You’ll also choose the best HVAC system, plumbing configuration, and electrical wiring for your home. Once these systems are installed, you’ll find that it costs less to use utilities in your home. In particular, your tiny home will retain energy for longer, significantly reducing your heating and cooling costs.

3. Eliminate More Waste

Tiny home living requires a period of adjustment, so you should be prepared for the shock that this type of change brings. You won’t be able to bring all of your clutter with you, so, if you’re a hoarder, you’ll find that you’ll have to leave unnecessary items behind. You’ll also have to limit how much you buy at the grocery store.

Since storage will be at a minimum, you’ll want to buy only the food that you know you’ll consume week to week. This can help you save on groceries and avoid wasting unwanted food. Many find that moving into a tiny home makes it easier to switch to a healthier diet since they don’t have as much storage space for processed foods.

4. Own Your Home Faster

If you have found it difficult to qualify for a mortgage, tiny home living can provide a faster or easier path to home ownership. You can either buy or lease your land. Once you have the land, you can build a tiny house for around $40,000 or more. Converting a storage shed or shipping container can help you shave a little more off that cost. If you plan on performing the labor yourself, the build cost will drop that much more. However, even when you do hire contractors, your build costs will be considerably lower than the costs of buying a traditional resale home.

5. Spend Less Time on Upkeep

Owning a smaller home leaves you with fewer maintenance and upkeep issues. Since you’re limited to a space that’s under 500 square feet, there will be less cleaning involved. You’ll also have fewer plumbing and electrical problems since your utilities will be servicing a smaller area. Some areas, such as your roof, siding, and foundation may require traditional care, but these areas will be smaller and maintenance will generally cost less.

6. Going Off the Grid is Easier

A popular move to make for people who choose tiny home living is to use the opportunity to go off grid. You can begin by installing a water well and septic system. If you choose to use all electric appliances, you won’t need to have gas supplied to your home. Having solar panels installed on your property can help you meet your needs for electricity. If you set up a bank of batteries, you can save solar power for evenings and rainy days.

7. Get More Enjoyment Out of Life

The tremendous cost savings involved in building a tiny home and in living in it can help you save more money each month. Those savings can be compounded when you pay for everything out of pocket since you won’t have to worry about a mortgage payment each month. You can use those savings to take more vacations and live a more active life in your community. You can also adopt pets to live on your land with you, start a vegetable garden, and build a patio for enjoying the outdoors.

Closing Remark

There’s no wrong way to build or live in a tiny house. Some people convert shipping containers or sheds into tiny houses while others build their tiny homes from scratch. As this option gains momentum, it won’t be long before the real estate market sees an influx of resale tiny homes. If you want to give tiny home living a try, there are plenty of ways you can make your dream a reality.

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