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 Top 10 most popular types of houses in 2023


A living place should be according to wishes and needs, it is the priority of every home buyer. This article is mentioning the top 10 most popular types of houses in 2023.

Top 10 most popular types of houses in 2023

Some basic points highlighting the top 10 most popular types of houses in 2023

The construction styles in Pakistan have seen a significant transformation, from the magnificent instances of Mughal architecture in Lahore and the spectacular colonial-era structures in Karachi to the present trend of mixing cutting-edge and practical components into the designs.

Moreover, with homes in every part of the nation showing unique and diverse features, Pakistani architecture often incorporates various aspects of modern and traditional forms.

Pakistani architecture combines elements of modern and traditional styles, with residences in every region of the country displaying distinctive and varied features.

Modern architecture

The fundamental tenet of contemporary architecture is “form follows function.” Simply said, this building style favours practicality over adornment and stresses clean, straight lines.

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Major elements of modern infrastructure

They are built in simple shapes and straight lines. Moreover, they have simple rectangular forms. Mostly the exterior is made of glass and steel with little decoration. Also, there is bare minimum ornamentation and windows that reach the ceiling. Additionally, Sloping roofs, and Layout that is useful and convenient.

International style

A part of modern architecture is the international style. Simply speaking, contemporary architecture is a wide phrase that encompasses a variety of theoretical traditions, including the international style.


  • Utility-oriented styles
  • A lot of daylight
  • Sloping roofs
  • Even smooth surfaces
  • Corner radius

Contemporary building design

Contemporary architecture, sometimes known as “architecture of the present day,” is one of the most popular building types in Pakistan.

Some main elements are asymmetrical and irregular façade. Additionally, there are geometric forms that are robust. Also, a spacious layout with sloping roofs with the use of the outdoors. Also, there is an adaptable interior design with large windows for a light-filled, peaceful house. Moreover, either one or two stories along with the use of recycled or sustainable construction materials. Furthermore, the utilization of organic or natural materials inside the home, such as wood and stone, solar panel installation, and vertical and rooftop gardens

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Minimalist building design

Minimalist architecture, as the name suggests, stresses simplicity by removing everything that can be viewed as unneeded. It uses straightforward design components and emphasizes efficiency above everything else. Additionally, simple architecture is gradually rising to prominence in Pakistan as more and more individuals want to lead minimalist lifestyles.

Some main elements are

There are neat and symmetrical lines that are having geometrical shapes and Monochromatic or neutral colour schemes. Also auxiliary components with nothing ornamental Contemporary, tidy details, etc.

  • Straightforward wall finishes.
  • Open design with enough natural light
  • Modest detailing

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Further explanation regarding the top 10 most popular types of houses in 2023

In 2023, the most common construction styles for houses in Pakistan 

Concrete block construction

Brick masonry construction

(Reinforced Cement Concrete) construction

Load-bearing masonry construction

Mud and clay construction

  • Note that this information is based on the general trend and may vary from region to region in Pakistan.

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Further about the top 10 most popular types of houses in 2023

Detached single-family home

As the name suggests, does not share any land or walls with other residences. Further, instead, these homes often feature a lawn, garage, driveway, and garden and are designed by .80 percent of individuals, according to Builder, favouring this type of home the most.


Apartments typically include one or more rooms and may come with various amenities such as a kitchen, bathroom, and living areas. Further, every tenant pays the rent and this sum typically also covers charges for supplemental services like laundry, housekeeping, and on-site facilities. Apartments are often less expensive than homes, but they have less privacy and shared walls


A condominium, commonly known as a condo, is a form of housing ownership where individuals own individual units within a larger building or community. Further, condos typically offer amenities such as shared swimming pools, exercise rooms, and outdoor spaces.

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The townhouse has its entrance from the street. Further, while joined to one or more other comparable residences in a row, townhouses are a style of housing that resembles single-family dwellings.

Further, they are typically multi-story buildings, with multiple levels connected by stairs, and typically offer more living space than an apartment. Additionally, townhouses can also come with outdoor space, such as a small yard or balcony, and can offer a compromise between single-family homes and apartments in terms of cost, maintenance, and privacy.

Tiny House

A tiny home is a small and minimalist living space that typically ranges from 100 to 400 square feet. Moreover, it emphasizes efficient use of space and sustainable living, with a focus on simplicity and affordability. Further, they are often designed to be energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Multi-family housing

Any property with two or more residences. Multifamily housing can also include apartment buildings, condominium developments, and complexes of townhouses.

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Mobile homes

Mobile homes, also known as manufactured homes, are houses that are built in a factory and then transported to a permanent site for installation. Further, they are often a more affordable alternative to traditional site-built homes and can be set up in mobile home parks, etc.


A mansion is a large, luxurious house, often with several levels and a large amount of living space. Also, it is often associated with wealth and status and may have features such as multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and other amenities.


We have mentioned the top 10 most popular types of houses in 2023. Hopefully, the writing will help give awareness about the top 10 most popular types of houses in 2023.