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Which Type of Geyser is Best for Bathrooms?


Like any home appliance, you may find it a challenge to buy a geyser. In the past, a geyser was a simple appliance that heats your water. Now, the geyser, more advanced with technology, may still just serve the purpose of heating water, but there’s more to geysers than just that.

Today, you get what are called gas geysers and electric geysers. If you are new to the universe of geysers, you may be put on the spot even more. Nonetheless, it’s easy to know which one suits your needs if you analyse the advantages and disadvantages of each. Hence, reviewing the details of their operation will support your purchase decision.

Types of Gas Geysers

A gas geyser makes use of what is known as Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) or Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) for the purpose of heating the water. A gas geyser has no limitation on heating water and offers a continuous hot water flow. What’s more, heating is instant.

For large families, these heaters make sense when you want hot water without waiting for it. It’s relevant to know about the kinds you get and although most work in the same way, they differ in terms of their capacity. Here are the types explained in brief.

  • Instant Gas Geysers – These are good for people who have small families and are the most widely used models by consumers in India.
  • Storage Gas Geysers – These may not be widely available in India, as their demand is low.

How a Gas Geyser Works

Gas geysers operate by making use of gas burners located under a large tank through which water is delivered by pipes. During the time when water is getting heated, pressure builds up in the gas geyser and a pressure valve is used to discharge it. The Bajaj gas geyser is one of the best that you can buy in India today.

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Gas Geyser Advantages and Disadvantages

When you are buying any home appliance, the pros and cons are important to weigh, as these serve the reasons for your purchase. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of gas geysers.

  • Advantages
  1. The degree to which water is heated is under your control.
  2. You can have instant hot water, and this saves energy, considering you don’t have to wait for the water to heat.
  3. Gas geysers are great for large families.
  4. Gas geysers are easy to repair and maintain.
  5. You can operate your Bajaj gas geyser on pipeline natural gas and on LPG household cylinders.
  • Disadvantages
  1. These geysers are not particularly safe by some standards for the simple reason that they contain gas. Since they are flammable, the position of these geysers has to be considered. They must be placed in a properly ventilated area and away from corrosive and explosive material.
  2. As these run on gas, you need space for LPG cylinders and this may be a problem in confined bathroom spaces.
  3. These geysers have a limited life as burners wear out soon.
  4. Sediment build-up occurs after a period of use and needs to be cleaned.
  5. This might not be a cost-effective geyser as gas prices are constantly moving upward.

Types of Electric Geysers

More or less because of the convenience that an electric geyser offers, it has become a popular choice for many consumers. Safer than gas geysers, these use copper coils for heating, as electrical energy changes to heat energy. These are primarily available in two types and highly efficient units have insulation. Electrical instant geysers are for small capacities of heated water and electrical storage geysers work to heat large amounts of water.

How an Electric Geyser Works

In an electric geyser, electricity transfers heat energy to water collected in a tank. This is delivered to your shower or tap through pipes. Electric geysers run on principles that are governed by convection. These are famous in Indian homes, as they entail a safer mode of operation and resolve space issues.

Electric Geyser Advantages and Disadvantages

Individuals prefer electric geysers as they offer safety over gas geysers. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of electric geysers you should be aware of:

  • Advantages – Electric geyser pros are what makes them popular among consumers. For starters, they can be placed almost anywhere in your bathroom, and come in various sizes to match your requirements. These are easier and safer to operate, as compared to gas geysers. Moreover, the heating mechanism is fast and electric geysers have a longer and more durable lifespan.
  • Disadvantages – Electric geysers are quite expensive, considering they are safer to use and offer technological advancements.

Great Geysers

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