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Ways to boost your property’s rental value


If you are a landlord you may wish to keep your tenants happy and satisfied with the rental property they live in. You may also want to make your property look good for the tenants and also to boost its rental value and if you do it you can enjoy good returns for many years. But the trouble is that there are lots of tips available to boost the rental property of a home and you may find it challenging to choose the ones that work. 

That is why it is always a good idea to get tips from estate professionals like the letting agents in Brighton. They will offer you their amazing input so that you will be able to increase the property’s rental value and make it look attractive to your future tenants. 

Have a look at the ways which will help you to boost the property’s rental value. 

  • Focus on niche markets 

Find out what kind of renters are looking for a rental property in your area and target that niche market. This will enable you to market the property to these tenants and they will also be ready to pay you excellent rental rates if you offer them the facilities they seek. You can plan to rent your rental property, especially to working professionals as they are popular tenant candidates in the rental market. You can offer them the best services they require and enjoy the rental profits as a result. 

  • Flooring 

If there are carpets in the rental property they may be prone to get dirty often and it may make the rooms appear unclean. That is why you can choose to keep flooring without any carpet so the tenants can decide if they want to have a carpet or not. Tidy up the floors properly and you can also install wood flooring to increase the property’s rental value. It will serve as a worthy investment for you. 

  • Elevate the kitchen and bathroom

Tenants love to live in rental properties that have functional and neat-looking kitchens and bathrooms. As these are important aspects of a property they can also increase or decrease the rental value of a property. That is why you have to plan well to upgrade the kitchen and bathroom and for that, you don’t need to spend extravagantly. Simple steps can be taken to make the kitchen and bathrooms attractive. 

If the taps or sinks need replacement, you can replace them with modern and functional ones and if required you can also fix the flooring and the walls. 

  • Install useful appliances 

Many tenants want convenience and ease when they are looking for rental property. They may require essential appliances like a washing machine, dryer, boiler or microwave oven pre-installed in the rental property. Therefore if you are ready to boost your property’s rental value then you can install the appliances that will help your tenants to lead an effortless lifestyle. It will also improve the reputation of your rental property in the neighbourhood. 

  • Arrange another bedroom 

The best way to boost the rental value of your rental property is to add another bedroom if there is extra space in the property. It is possible if your property has a large living space and you can create a partition to add an extra bedroom. This arrangement will increase the property’s value and also help you find more tenants because an extra bedroom will always come in handy for them. 

  • Improve the kerb appeal 

When it comes to rental properties the property has to give a good first impression on the tenants and for that to happen, you need to spruce up the curb appeal. It will greatly improve the chance of increasing the value of the rental property too. For instance, you can keep the main door in good condition and also keep the front garden well-trimmed and neat. 

 Enjoy high yields by boosting the property’s rental value 

If you are looking for useful ways to boost the property’s rental value you can get excellent updates from the letting agents who are experts at their jobs. They will offer the best service to you and guide you to become a successful landlord.