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Murano Modern Vases: A contemporary tradition

Murano becomes the protagonist of glass production among the many Venice islands. This little island boasts a secular tradition in the glassmaking sector to the extent that it has been recognized for its breathtaking operas worldwide. Every person fond of art, refined objects, or artistic decorations shall be mesmerized by the creations made through the blown glass technique. Murano is one of the small islands belonging to the Venetian lagoon that offers tourists the opportunity to leave the city with a piece of art and an experience they will never forget.

People visiting Venice can visit this island, which is only 40 minutes away from the city center. From Murano, you will be able to get a unique glimpse of Venice: romantic views, palaces, and the beautiful sound of the sea will accompany you around the tour.

Murano Island offers historical insights as well. For example, the cathedral in the center was built in the 12th century, when glass production had been already thriving. This is just to make you familiar with the centenary tradition beyond a single piece of a Murano Glass Product.

Since the beginning, the secrecy of glass-making techniques was kept among the Venetian glass masters and then transmitted to their sons. Many foreign industries were interested in reproducing Murano glass sculptures indeed. They tried unsuccessfully to do it because they lack knowledge of the peculiar techniques used by the Venetian glassmaking masters. This is the reason Venetian artisans were a protected category of workers.

The Serenissima Republic tried to monitor the glass-production sector since the early times: artisans could not leave the island to spread their knowledge abroad and, in case of infringement of the law, they were sentenced to death.

The project of YourMurano starts with the idea of maintaining the uniqueness and elegance of glass production and bringing it into the future. Here, glass masters continue to produce creations following the historical tradition that has been passed on and on for generations. At the same time, we tried to innovate the commercial channels by offering the only official online platform of Murano Glass Products, where the finest products of 20 furnaces are sold at factory prices.

To keep up with the innovations in the market, collaborations with designers, artists and stylists have been renewed. The main aim is to satisfy any new design request of clients.

Among the wide range of pieces of art, you can find refined modern vases brought to life by the skilled hands of Murano Artisans.

Vases have represented a fundamental decoration in a house for centuries. Glass Masters are revolutionizing their traditional lines and shapes with contemporary Italian design. The result? An elegant and sophisticated centerpiece to fill your home with light and colors. From small to big, taller, or spherical, Murano Modern Vases represent an irresistible decoration.

If enlightening a room is what you are looking for, you should take a look at our vast catalog and pick up the perfect one. At the same time, these elegant modern vases could be the best choice for a gift. At any time, and for every occasion, Murano Glass Vases will make your guests astonished by their timeless beauty.

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