Home Interior Design Laminate Flooring: Myths Debunked

Laminate Flooring: Myths Debunked


Laminate flooring looks attractive as it can mimic wood and other materials. It is also durable and effortless to clean and maintain. It is a perfect flooring solution for you if you are looking for a cost effective material. For homes with children or pets, it can be a better option as compared to the traditional solid wood flooring, carpet or tile flooring.

There are some myths about this flooring material. With these misunderstandings dispelled, you might consider laminate flooring for your house. 

After reading this article, you will get a better grasp of this material. So without further delay, let’s continue.

Laminate Floor Material is Costly

This is myth number one! Many homeowners have the misconception that laminate floor material is an expensive option. 

Laminate is an affordable option as compared to other types of flooring such as solid oak flooring and engineered wood flooring. Also, it has numerous other advantages. 

Laminate floor material can be the best choice for homeowners seeking a solution that’s both inexpensive and beautiful.

Laminate is difficult to clean & maintain

Some homeowners believe that cleaning and maintaining laminate is difficult or takes too much effort. But this is not the reality. When laminate is securely laid, it is perfect, smooth, and has no gaps where dirt may get caught therefore, occasional mopping or vacuuming is all you need to do to keep your floor clean. Debris and dust may be readily removed even by using a moist towel. However, be careful to wring the towel to remove extra water and not to use a wet cloth, since water can seep through the tiniest fissures and can damage the floor.

Laminate is not very long-lasting

One of the most common misconceptions regarding laminate flooring is that it is not long lasting and can readily get damaged. In reality, though, each floorboard is quite robust and hence the floor may survive for several seasons with appropriate maintenance. Laminate is constructed of four layers, including a core, substrate, design layer and wear layer. 

Laminate flooring can only be replaced once damaged

It’s a common assumption that laminate flooring can’t be spot treated for spills or trouble areas. This is untrue. This misconception most likely originated because of the mix-up of laminate with linoleum flooring. 

Vinyl and linoleum are available in the form of sheets, but the laminate wood floor is available in the form of boards. If any floorboard gets damaged, it can be easily changed separately without touching the other boards. 

The laminate boards are not affixed to the subfloor, so replacing the damaged board is easier. You should buy some more boards than your requirement so that when needed, the damaged boards can be replaced effortlessly.

Replacing the entire flooring is only required when there is some serious damage.

Using a wax pencil, tiny scratches can be fixed, much like on hardwood floors. And for moderate scratches, a repair kit can be used.  

Laminate Appear Cheap

Since its creation, laminate floor material has advanced significantly. It ranges from various types, patterns, hues and textures. One can go with premium quality laminate floorboards that can mimic solid wood floors. 

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Other options to consider

There are many other floor materials that you can consider for your property.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered Wood Flooring can be a very good option for most homeowners as it is cost effective as compared to solid wood flooring. And it is a stable option, unlike hardwood floor which gets warped or cusped in areas with too much moisture.

Grey engineered flooring is trending these days.

Herringbone Engineered Flooring

As mentioned above, Herringbone Engineered Flooring is a timeless option to add to the elegance of your home décor. This type of floor is laid in the zig zag pattern and looks like the bone structure of herring fish and hence the name.

Vinyl Flooring

The vinyl floor material is available in a wide variety of colours and designs, from low-cost to premium quality. It comes in different options, such as sheet vinyl, vinyl plank and vinyl tile flooring.

Hope after reading this article, you will be able to make a better decision for the renovation of your home.