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How To Set Up In-Home Photo Booth For A Fashion Shoot

Indoor Fashion Photo Booth

It is a dream of every photographer to have their studio set up at home to practice their craft which will create more opportunities for them. Now you must be wondering how can I set up a photography studio at home, having a bootstrapped budget. Well, what if I tell you that it is very easy to get started by following some tips on how to set up a photo booth at home? 

Find The Best Natural Light Space 

Natural light works best when setting a photo at home, nothing can beat the magic of natural light that will nail your shoot. So, try to find a room or area with the best natural light, it may be a corner of your bedroom or living room. Because a great organic light will be ideal for setting up a photo booth at home. I’m not saying to just rely on organic light, because you can’t get organic light at night, right? For that, you need some important pieces of equipment for your home studio. You might need either a Speedlight or a flashlight, a reflector such as an umbrella that you might have seen in studios. 

Background For Photobooth

You can consider many options for setting up the background for a home photo booth, whether it is for a fashion shoot or a portrait. You have 2 options; one is a collapsible one that gives you both black and white background. Or you can also buy an elegant design wallpaper for a photo booth background. On the other hand, you can buy luxury clothes at a minimum price to get high-quality attractive pictures by using Pull & Bear Coupon Code.

Shine Your Light 

Having an extra pop of light always gives you the best Instagram aesthetic result and helps the details of your product to stand out. No matter if you’re shooting for a living or a non-living object, this trick will help both ways. Nowadays you have seen that every blogger is using a ring light stand that helps them to give a perfectly aesthetic result with balanced lighting. If you have a flashlight then you can shine it directly on a glass or plastic product to light up the product’s label. But the beam of the light would be very harsh against the glass or plastic causing a glare so it is better to use a softbox that will boost the quality of your product shot.  

Make An Angle In Your Mind

After setting up all the things, you need to make an imaginary angle in your mind and then place your tripod stand according to that angle. You should always know what type of picture you want before clicking it, whether you want it for an Instagram post that is square. Or you need it for other purposes, only then you can decide how to set up your tripod to figure out your exact framing and angles. By following this trick you will be able to get a perfect size, yet with a perfect angle picture for yourself. 

Do Creative Things 

If you’re doing fashion photography that means you are doing marketing of clothes, or let’s say any of the fashion-related products, right? then folks!! You need to be creative as you can see there’s a strong competition going on between lifestyle bloggers and influencers. The more you put aesthetics in the pictures or video, the more views you will get on your post and people will love your work. Try some different angles like eye-level shots or you can also try overhead shots or use different lighting styles to achieve different looks. I think you can also use some kind of different props to create interest for the viewers. Props always work best when you are making something for your Instagram feed.

Adding props in your photoshoot can turn a simple product photo into an eye-catching thing. You can also make a slo-mo video or something in your home-based studio too, that’s a new trend that is getting very much famous among everyone. 

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