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How to Safely Transport Fragile Items During Moving?

Every home has many exceptional items – delicate, luxurious, rare, expensive, sentimental, or just fragile. And when the homeowner decides to move out, these things can cause severe worries and concerns.

How can they arrive at the final destination in one piece? Will they damage all? Are there any professional services for such items?

If these questions are bothering you right now, you have come to the right place. This material will provide you with many house-moving tips that will help you safely and hassle-free transport your fragile items.

Golden Rules of Packing To Keep In Mind

You should stick to a couple of principles when it comes to packing. They will help you save money, time, and effort.

And by all means, through the following golden rules, you can avoid damage to your most precious items:

Packing Plates (The Right Way)

Worrying about your wedding dinner set? You shouldn’t be concerned about it if you know how to pack the plates correctly. Why don’t you simply follow our step-by-step guide below?

Packing Glasses, Cups, and Bowls – Tips To Consider

There are more fragile kitchen items you should be careful with when packing. All glass, porcelain, Duralex cups, bowls, etc., should be carefully wrapped to arrive safely in your new home

We’ve got a guide for them, too:

Packing Lamps Is Not Difficult At All

Packing lamps is not a difficult task at all. You can have your lighting wrapped perfectly well and transported 100% safely. The most reliable moving supply for this chore is bubble wrap. In addition to this, note that packing lamps require more giant cardboard boxes.

Don’t stick them in tiny areas to avoid damage. We strongly recommend dismantling the lamp in advance to minimise the risk of breakage. Yet, don’t do it if you don’t know how to reassemble it later.

Packing Framed Pictures and Mirrors Safely

Let’s move to the next group of fragile items to be careful about when moving out. It’s the set of your pictures, curtains in frames, and all the mirrors. They are incredibly delicate, so bubble wrap and lots of packing paper should be purchased beforehand.

It is crucial, though, to secure each wrapped item with tape. This will give it extra protection during the trip on the road. Lastly, arrange the packed framed items and the mirrors vertically and without gaps in the boxes.

Packing Awkward Items – The Practical Tricks

Packing items with irregular shades can be annoying, complex, and overwhelming. They seem not to fit any box, and their edges are at constant risk of being scratched, cracked, and damaged.

We suggest a self-made box depending on the concrete item’s shape and size. You can also ask your moving company consultant for individual orders of storage units for awkward items. And, of course, these pieces should be double-coated with bubble wrap.

Additional Tips For Fragile Items Packing

Didn’t find the tip you need for packing your delicate, luxurious or expensive item? You might find a practical guide or suggestion below.

Here’s where we provide you with an extra pack of tips specially made for fragile items:


For more tips and suggestions for transporting fragile and delicate items, don’t hesitate to consult your moving company.

The technicians have the best tactics and approaches to taking the luxurious and odd personal belongings from point A to point B safely and reliably.

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