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How to Keep Your Yard Looking Gorgeous


Having one of the best-looking properties in the neighborhood takes a bit of strategy but is the envy of all. Curb appeal matters and can increase the value of your home no matter what size your landscape is. There are multiple and affordable ways to keep your yard in tip-top shape. Outdoor experts have some great recommendations for attaining a gorgeous yard.

Perennial Plants

Every home looks better when there are plants gracing the landscape, and you have tons of options. Perennials are favorites because there are plenty of varieties to choose from such as bushes, shrubs, and flowers.

For instance, foundation plants of different heights, textures, and colors are excellent for defining your home and garage areas by creating a lovely visual aesthetic. Roses and hydrangeas are awesome perennials that bloom year after year and add pretty pops of color to your front yard.

Trees also make every property more beautiful, and planting a new Japanese maple is just one stunning example that can grow some 15 feet tall.

The best advice is to look around your yard and examine your trees. Are they very old? Do they need trimming? Are they hanging over your roof or near power lines?

Call the expert arborists at tree service Portland for maintaining healthy, strong trees.

Mulch Time

Protect your plant roots by spreading a layer of thick mulch around your garden spaces. It offers a lovely contrast to your colorful flowers, trees, bushes, and shrubs, especially when you choose a dark-hued mulch.

A few bags of mulch are affordable and serve a function of beauty as well as keeping those pesky weeds at bay.

Lawn Duty

A green, manicured lawn is something people admire, and you can achieve stunning grass on your own, or you could hire lawn pros to do all of the work.

Some folks enjoy growing and maintaining a healthy, green lawn on their own, and one of the most useful items to purchase is a spreader to provide uniform coverage of fertilizer, grass seed and other lawn care products across your lawn.

You may also consider getting an automatic lawn irrigation system for watering your grass and plants with the proper amount of hydration. It beats setting up hoses all over your property.

Birdbath Attraction

Adding yard accessories is another way to draw interest to your landscape, and a birdbath is one item that attracts birds to your environment and looks elegant in the yard. There are many unique designs, and a pedestal type of birdbath can add inspiration to your outdoor space.

Also, birds will appreciate taking a bath, drinking, and preening. It’s fun for the family to watch them gather in the birdbath. It’s nature at its finest!

Solar Lights

Another simple and effective way of keeping a yard looking incredible is via a bit of mood lighting with solar lights. Best of all, you don’t have to deal with wires or electricity.

Solar lights look pretty placed around a path or around your porch and illuminate your property in the nicest way. In addition, solar energy is clean, and solar lights are economical and easy to install.

Wind Chime Magic

This is more of an example of a soundscape than a landscape, but a set of wind chimes is an appealing item for the yard, and when the wind blows, the beautiful music they make is magical and a plus for your outdoor property.

Those who follow feng shui believe that wind chimes bring in new positive energy while getting rid of stagnant air.

Place To Sit

Having a spectacular yard is a bonus, but don’t forget to enjoy your special place. Set up a decorative table and a couple of chairs by the garden. Make a unique spot for quiet enjoyment even if you’re just watching the grass grow or the adorable birds flapping about in the birdbath.

A gorgeous yard is available to every homeowner with a big or small property. You have many creative ways to show off your yard that are affordable and can transform your landscape. Look over the suggestions above, and have some fun. Curb appeal is waiting for you.

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