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Effects Of Sound Insulation & Noise Reduction Glazing

Effects Of Sound Insulation & Noise Reduction Glazing

The world that isn’t acoustic is noisy with increasing numbers of people being squeezed into a smaller space and surrounded by noisy transportation systems. Noise pollution is increasingly becoming a cause of concern, especially in the metros.

The background noise created by traffic outside, trains or aircrafts can cause disruption and stress for a long duration. At acceptable levels, outdoor noise typically reaches 35 decibels.

Traffic can result in a dramatic increase in noise levels that can get to 70 decibels or more. living in an area that is on the flight path could mean an increase of up to 90 decibels, when near the plane’s landing, noise levels can reach close to 100 dBs.

With our need for sunlight and to be in touch with the world around us, large glass expenses are increasingly popular because they provide great light and a clear view of our living areas. But, glass is not a sound-proofing material, which is the reason why acoustic glasses are being developed to reduce excessive noise.

The installation of acoustic glass could reduce noise disturbances significantly so that the constant sounds from trains, cars or planes won’t echo through your home anymore.

What Exactly Is Acoustic Glass?

Acoustic glass is a laminate glass specially make to minimise the sound’s intrusion. Resin-base polyvinyl butyral (PVB) has been sandwiched within the glass, increasing their strength as well as having sound-insulating properties.

Acoustic glass is used to reduce the energy that a sound wave has and significant noise reductions are attained. Acoustic glass is available in a variety of thicknesses, depending on how much soundproofing needed.

There is not only an acoustic window that is specifically design for exterior windows however, but acoustic glass can also be use to create internal glass partition walls and provide excellent soundproofing.

This guarantees privacy in private office spaces, boardrooms and meeting rooms. It reduces noise in the outlying corridors and open-plan areas.

Acoustic Glass Defined

Acoustic glass is compose comprise of two or three glass sheets that are join by an acoustic layer or two

Every glass pane in a noise-reducing glass or door has been coat with a layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) creating a strong hydrocarbon bond to the glazing unit. This enhances the acoustic absorption by reducing the elasticity of the glass as well as providing an additional layer of sound reduction and dampening the sound’s transmission across the glass.

Aspects Of Acoustic Glass

Acoustic glass greatly reduces outside noise, particularly in areas with high traffic levels, such as train lines, motorways, and airports. If used as roofing or overhead glazing, the noise reduction window can also provide insulation from rain-related noise.

It is a great option to provide sound insulation in interior spaces for meeting rooms and office partitions. Acoustic glass windows significantly increase the strength of the glass giving it additional security as with improved energy efficiency.

The Acoustic Window Designs

Acoustic glazing can be utilised in conjunction with any of our window designs and finishes, including Georgian bars, windows with lead glass and colour designs.

With the traditional look of timber and real timber-look joints, we can make the most stunning acoustic sound reduction window that can withstand any external noise without needing ongoing maintenance.

The Importance Of The Acoustic Glazing

The right choice of glass for the home you live in is a crucial choice, especially for homes situate in areas that are expose to an abundance of environmental noise.

Acoustic glass is a common option for homes in the inner city that are expose to a lot of noise from aircrafts or roads and bigger buildings like hotels. Demand for Acoustic windows is growing as new research on the effects of exposure to high levels of pollution on our health suggest the connection between noise from the environment and health problems of a serious nature.

How much do new windows cost within the house was cited as an element that has an important impact on the level of noise from the environment that individuals are exposed.

It means that the public will be more aware of the effects that noise could have on their health, and will seek to enhance the sound insulation qualities of their house. A key component that will play a role in this process is the window and door glass.

The Numerous Benefits That Come With Acoustic Laminated Glass

Noise pollution isn’t only a nuisance or a minor distraction in offices or in a home. It’s widely known that exposure to a constant or loud sound is the leading reason for anxiety and mental health problems.

When sound levels rise to unacceptable levels, you feel an increase in adrenaline levels and an increase in blood pressure. This could lead to numerous medical complications that include hypertension, cognitive impairment, cardiovascular disease, sleep disturbance, tinnitus and other sleep disorders.

If you’re renovating a residential or commercial property , and you are situate in an area with a lot of noise from traffic , a railway line, or even an airport, for instance making sure you incorporate the best noise-proofing measures is one of your main priority.

In this situation, regular double- or triple-glazing simply isn’t enough. To protect the people working or living in the building you should consider incorporating the use of acoustic glass.

How Loud Is Too Loud?

To determine the danger amount, it is important to know the way it is determine in the beginning. The way to measure sound is in decibels. The range can go from to 0 dB, which is the absolute silence to an ear-splitting 180 dB sound – that of shooting.

In the case of dangerous levels of sound, it isn’t only dependent on the decibel range as well as the duration of exposure. Audible noises that are louder than 85 dB are believe as harmful for human ears. Furthermore, an exposure of 8 hours could cause permanent hearing loss.

A noise level of 120 decibels which is equivalent to an aeroplane taking off can cause hearing loss as short as 30 seconds.

Traffic noise, which is the primary pollution source in most commercial buildings and homes, can be as high as 70-80 decibels. It’s clear the importance of limiting the unwanted sound that enters your residential or commercial spaces.

How Much Noise Reduction Could Be Achieved?

Acoustic glass is incredibly effective in noise reduction. To comprehend the extent to which this reduction could be, it is important to be aware of the workings of the decibel scale.

In essence, the decibel scale works as a logarithm. which means that every 3dB increase represents an increase of the sound’s intensity by doubling that is, a 10dB increase is believe to be two times as loud.

But, not every Acoustic glass is equal. Absorption properties will vary base on several parameters such as the thickness of the glass and how much the windows are double or triple-glaze, and the dimensions of the glass (larger windows will certainly allow in more sound).

Glass Is Just One Part Of The Solution

It’s crucial to recognize that installing acoustic glasses is only one aspect of the equation. To ensure that the glass can perform to its fullest potential every air gap must be close.

Therefore, the glass must be position in a sound-proof frame. Additionally, for bigger construction, soundproofing by using acoustic glasses should be consider as a part of the sound quality of the structure in general – to enhance the sound properties of the building materials and interior furniture.

Average cost to replace windows is inclusive of external building fabrics and internal structures like flooring, ceilings, air conditioning ducts, interior wall construction, and all soft furniture. This is where a multi-disciplinary group composed of engineers, architects, designers, and builders can work together to ensure that your building is in the most optimal audio-acoustic quality.

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