Home Decoration <a></a>Decorative Vases | Know The Different Types and Styling Tips

Decorative Vases | Know The Different Types and Styling Tips

<a></a>Decorative Vases | Know The Different Types and Styling Tips

Gifting your home a bouquet of flowers is a thoughtful gesture, but it can be difficult to choose a container that adequately displays the beauty of the stems. Choosing decorative vases that complement the flowers rather than competing with them can be challenging due to the wide variety of shapes, styles, and materials available. Let’s move forward to discuss various types of vases and how to style them.

Different Vase Forms

We will be discussing the guide to the most popular vase forms and materials, as well as tips for making the greatest and showcasing them attractively throughout the house.

Locations of Vases

Most table vases are smaller and designed to accommodate a single stem or a tiny arrangement. These vases are often composed of lightweight materials and can come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Floor vases are substantially larger and usually have a heavier base to hold a more substantial arrangement. They are usually placed as a showpiece in a huge room; therefore, the rest of the furnishings there should go well with their size. Flowers that are heavy at the top should be held in a floor vase with a large opening so that the vase doesn’t tip over if it gets knocked over.

Materials in a Vase Form

The materials available to you have a lot to do with the shape of the vase you choose and the kinds of arrangements you can make. Glass, metal, aluminum, brass, steel, and wood are all popular options, but we’ll go over the most typical metals and when to employ them for vases specifically.


Glass is by far the most frequent material for vases because of the shape’s timeless beauty and durability. They let light reach the flower’s stem and water even if the vase is opaque. Maintain the water’s cleanliness by changing it and cutting the stems often to maintain the vase’s aesthetic value and floral freshness, particularly if the vase is made of glass or crystal.


Long-stem roses symbolize eternal love, and crystal vases are the best way to express that sentiment. A bouquet of flowers displayed in a crystal vase is instantly elevated to a new level of sophistication and luxury.


Metal vases offer a modern, unbreakable alternative. They are long-lasting, look beautiful in a variety of settings, and are perfect for parties in the backyard.


Since the flower stems are obscured in a wooden container, the attention is drawn to the top of the arrangement, creating a more natural aesthetic. For the vase’s sake, you’ll want to use watertight wood.

Pick the Perfect Flower Container

Prepare a number of vases before you start decorating with flowers. Flowers vary in their tendencies, and because they are alive, they also change with time; therefore, the structure of the bouquet will alter as well.

Decorate the mantel with handmade ceramics

One beautiful way to decorate a mantel is with a row of vases of varying sizes and heights. Organic, handcrafted ceramic vases, be Still Ceramics, may add a touch of class and visual intrigue to any arrangement.

In the living room

There are various tricks to place and decorate your vases in the living room area. Flower vases look stunning when placed as a center decor on the coffee table. Alternatively, you can put a beautiful vase on a side table accompanied by table lamps for the living room.

Bring Some Old World Charm To Your Dinner Table

When hosting guests for dinner in the kitchen, nothing beats a gorgeous bouquet of seasonal blossoms to fill the area with color and scent and serve as the perfect accent piece. Don’t feel limited to a glass vase as a floral display alternative for the dining room table.

Wrapping Up

Decorative vases are one of the most influential parts of your entire home’s decoration. If styled with perfect decoration tips, you can improve the grace of the vases to a significantly high level. Use the tips and tricks above for an elegant style for your home.