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7 Tips to Efficiently Complete A Home Renovation Project in Singapore

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Generally, in Singapore, the living expenses are very high as compared to the average income. Therefore, it is crucial to plan the home renovation in Singapore wisely to cut unnecessary costs and get the desired result.

Usually, people decide on getting the home makeovers by getting im+pressed by their friends and following in their footsteps. Significantly, the renovation process not only affects financially but also consumes a lot of valuable time. Therefore, one should plan and then initiate the home renovation. In this article, you will encounter various factors to consider in order to successfully complete a home renovation.

Top 7 effective tips to consider while doing home renovation in Singapore

Set a realistic budget

Well, it is very important to set a realistic budget while renovating the home. Usually, when an individual starts the project, the cost rises high immediately due to the unnecessary selection of items. This is where the person should pay attention and buy supplies that do not impact the budget. Try to make a list of things to purchase for your house that is a necessity and you can afford. Additionally, calculate the labor as well to predict the estimated price.

However, it is good to analyze the requirement as well as the cost of the item while making the list. The reason for exceeding the set cost is selecting the furniture or decoration accessories that are very costly. Positively, you can add on more items if you successfully achieve the renovation in the set budget and are still left with the money.

Plan the renovation as per your needs

No doubt, the homes are renovated because of requirements. Whether you have to sell it, or you want to change the look of your house, renovation is indeed the most preferred alternative. The most important factor to consider while planning to remodel the house is what type of look you want for the house. Yes, one must think about this topic critically as a heavy investment is needed for home renovation in Singapore.

However, once you are sure of the design and layout, decide on the furniture to buy, space or rooms to renovate, etc. You must not leave everything to the contractors. It is your home, and you know well what to include and what not. This will help you to manage your finances efficiently as well as invest in the items that are necessary. Whereas, the hired professional can make changes themselves which can cost you greatly and may not be as per your requirement.

So it is advisable to have a plan before you start the home renovation to achieve the result as expected.

Make use of mirrors to make the house look large

Adding mirrors to your house is indeed a great way to make it look spacious. Every small compartment or flat uses this method to give their compact houses a luxurious and spacious appearance. However, when an individual uses the glass, it reflects the light into your room and creates an illusion that the house is bigger than actually it is.

Compare the quotation by different HDB registered contractors

Definitely, it is a good step to compare the quotes by different HDB contractors to pick the affordable one. But it is not necessary that the lowest bidder is always the capable and experienced one. Positively, the HDB contractors make all the changes that are approved by the government and within the set limits. You can predict all the costs in advance and know what best they can offer to choose the best one.

Additionally, make sure to ask the company to mention all the costs such as tax or supplies charges in the estimation provided. The hidden cost latter can bring a hike into the set budget.

Hire a good team of professionals

It is a must to have a team of professionals to bring your dream home transformation into reality. Though the HDB contractors are registered by the govt, but may not possess the ability or experience needed. You can ensure their capabilities by taking a look at their respective portfolios. The portfolio of every contractor can convince you about their expertise and the potential to handle the same project as yours.

Moreover, you should judge the team’s behavior in advance before signing the contract.

Make sure to reuse the material that is good in condition

Whenever you are remodeling the house, it is not compulsory to bring in all the new furniture and material. If the old stuff is in good condition, it can be used in your newly renovated house as well. However, you should try to cut the extra cost. It is possible to make a budget for any other expense. 

Obviously, there are many memories attached to the items in your home where you have spent your childhood or significant years of life. So, do give your house a new look but also keep the sweet memories alive by giving them space in your new house.

Self-purchase the supplies needed

No doubt, the budget can be impacted greatly if the accounts mismatch with the purchases. Though the contractors will buy the important and required supplies. But, there can be the deceptive practice of conveying a false price.

Therefore, you should make an effort to buy the supplies such as tools, wood, etc yourself to keep a record of every purchase. It will help you evaluate if the item is required in order to save money on unnecessary things.


To sum up, home renovation in Singapore can be very expensive if not planned wisely. You should take care of every small thing that can save you a big amount. Most importantly, you should be sure of the layout of the house to guide the contractor accordingly. Moreover, planning should include setting an affordable budget, asking the contractor to make relevant and desired changes, etc.

Remember to consider the mentioned crucial factors to efficiently complete the home renovation in Singapore. For more information, feel free to get in touch.