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Winter means white snow that looks very beautiful but can also create problems. Many people suffer plumbing-related problems during this season. The plumbing system in your house is essential for supplying clean water and removing dirty water away. If you find any problems regarding frozen things, you should contact an emergency plumber in Orange country during that time. If you can check regularly, winter plumbing problems are not going to bother you. The most common problems winter plumbing problems are:

Regarding problems and their solutions

1. Frozen pipes

It is a big problem during this season.  Pipes can freeze either outdoors or indoors. When temperatures decrease, pipes of your home, wall, and basements can freeze. The outside wall is so much affected. you know that when water changes to ice it expands. As a result, it can damage your pipes, causing leakage or bursting of pipes.  Low water pressure can trouble you so check the pipes.

To prevent this

2. Water heater problems

Water heaters can affect any time but basically, it occurs in winter. At this time hot water is essential for bathing, cooking, etc. A water heater can go on for nearly 10 years. If you notice that water is not heated properly check that. The thermostat may not be working in the heater. In that case, you need to hire emergency plumbers in Orange county.


3. Drain damage and Septic tank leaks

Kitchen drain

Kitchen drains are often damaged by garbage, so you should check this. In winter it causes a problem.

Outdoor drain

The pipe that runs from your house to the septic tank can freeze when the temperature decreases. It can cause leaks in tanks and spread unpleasant odours. Before winter check the area where your septic tank sits for soil erosion. You can fill this area with soil

4. Floods in the Basement

When temperature increases after a long time, it causes the melting of ice. As a result large flows of melting snow cause flooding in the basement. If the drainage system is poor it can cause basement flooding

Solutions are-

5. Frozen well -pump and sump pump problems

Many people are used to supplying water indoors. In winter, well pumps can freeze. deep well pumps are not freezing but jet well pumps can freeze.

Even if it is in the basement, you should maintain the temperature in the room to prevent making ice. Also, don’t forget to remove the dirt from your roof because it can create an issue when the ice melts.


As winter comes every year, you may face these problems yearly. Above mentioned problems can occur in anyone’s house so beware of this. It can lead you to hire an emergency plumber in Orange county.So don’t panic, solve the problem wisely. The problems such as frozen pipes, water heater problems,  drain damage, sump damage, low water pressure and basement floods all can be solved by insulating, regular maintenance, removing all dirt, and cleaning all clogs.

You should clean all pipes once a year. It’s also important to release the water pressure to prevent frozen pipes. If you stay in an area where freezing has occurred then you prepare yourself to solve the problems. If you need, you can call professional plumbers, they help you with these problems. They fix them by applying a heat gun. So these are all things that you can do before the coming winter season.

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